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Parents Survival Kit
Parents survival kit

What better gift to give a dad (or a mom) than a parents survival kit?  These are very inexspensive gifts to make, but they certainly can help get someone through "one of those days"!

Start by reading the entire list of options below.  You can use as many as you want,  bigger is always better!  Gather together your materials.  You can label each item seperately, or you can simply place all of the items in the bag and print out a copy of the explanations on one piece of paper.  Some items have more than one possible explanation. Get creative!

Here are some of the items you might want to include:

Playing card - Raising and educating children is a gamble

Rubber band - Children stretch and grow. If we, as parents, put too much pressure on children they will break.
Rubber Band - to remind you to stretch and grow with your children
Rubber band  - to stretch youself beyond your limits.

Rope - Before you get to the end of your rope, remember that children need limits and structure. Set and make them.
Rope - in case you get to the end of yours

String - to tie things together when everything falls apart.

Candle - Celebrate! We usually celebrate birthdays but not the small things.
Candle - so you never feel in the dark

"Do Not Disturb" card - Parents and children need time alone.

Cotton Ball -- for times when you can't hear yourself think

Sweet & Sour Candy -- to remind you that every child is different

Eraser - so everyone can start each day with a clean slate
Eraser - so you can make all your mistakes disappear.

Clock - to remind you that children grow up too fast

Puzzle Piece - to remind you that you are an important piece in the journey of your child

Marbles - to replace the ones you've lost

Band Aid - to fix hurt feelings

Nuts - to remind you to laugh..get a little nutty

Tootsie Roll - to remind you to roll with the punches

Aspirin - for when all else fails...take two

Peppermint - to remind you that your job as parents is worth a mint.

A Penny so you will never have to say "I am broke".

A Hug and A kiss (hersheys candies) to remind you that someone cares!

This Bag - It is a trash bag. Throw away all the hurts, negatives, grudges, frustrations, and keep the good thoughts.